Ear Relief Mask Tool

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Plastic tool to relieve pressure from your ears due to prolonged mask use. 

This is our way of giving back during this time where first responder's and front line worker's PPE is in low supply and we can utilize our equipment to make tools to help the supply. We are joining the efforts of other companies that are providing similar resources to our medical staff.  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4249113/comments

Using our laser engraving machine, we are able to cut ear relief tools that are made of a PET Plastic or Acrylic. It is easily deployable and can be disinfected if your policies allow. We've tried to keep the price down in case your policies dictate that face shields are disposed of after use.

We are taking preorders right now. We anticipate being able to produce 500 ear relief tools on our first batch and will continue to produce as the demand requires. The design may be altered slightly as we produce these tools and find better solutions while in production.

Please allow time for production once we receive our stock of raw material and begin shipping the packages to you. We anticipate 1 week for the first order to ship.

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