Firefighter Themed Accountability System for Parent's Vehicles

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Firefighter themed vehicle accountability system to keep track of your little ones. Firefighters use these tags on a daily basis when they get on and off their fire trucks as a reminder to their supervisors of where they are at all times.

Use this accountability system in your vehicle as a fun firefighter game but also an important reminder of which little ones you have in your vehicle. Have a roll call when you get your kids in and out of the car. Especially, when they are taking a nap. Place the board on the driver side door as an easy visual when you get out.

This is a personalized product so please place your order and we will contact you to confirm the details.

Package includes:

  1. (1) Board (3" x 2.5") with loop velcro base and adhesive backing.
  2. (1) Loop velcro staging area.
  3. (5) 2" personalized tags with standard colors and hook velcro.


  • Chief-White with Black Letters
  • Capt./Lt.-Black with White Letters
  • Driver-Green with White letters
  • Firefighter-Red with White Letters
  • Rookie-Yellow with Black Letters
  • Others colors: Blue with white letters, Stainless Steel with Black letters, Silver with Black letters.


These go hand in hand with our "Check the Backseat" decals.