COVID 19 Face Shields (12) Count Box

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12 count pack for $82.78 @ $6.89 each

This is our way of giving back during this time where first responder's and front line worker's PPE is in low supply.

Using our laser engraving machine, we have developed a COVID 19 Face Shield that is made of a PET Plastic band and PET film face shield. It is easily deployable and can be disinfected if your policies allow. We've tried to keep the price down in case your policies dictate that face shields are disposed of after use. This product is not FDA approved and has not been tested in a laboratory. We are simply providing a barrier that may limit the exposure of a first responder, hospital staff or other personnel that may be concerned with protecting their face when approved shields have run out of supply.

We anticipate being able to produce 300 face shields on our first batch and will continue to produce as the demand requires. These are being sold in packs of (12) which include (12) headbands and (12) face shields. Our design may be altered slightly as we produce these face shields and find better solutions while in production.

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